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Retirement planning

Life Insurance

Life insurance

Why use ONEF for advice?

  • Australia has the most complex laws and regulations on superannuation and investment. OneF helps you navigate through the jungles and see a clear path.
  • OneF helps you unlock benefit entitlements embedded in the rules and systems.
  • Fast changing and evolving financial markets and technologies demands more than ever attention and skills to keep you on track.
  • You are busy enough in your own profession and family life. OneF takes the burden of financial management off your shoulder.
  • OneF works with your accountant, lawyer, agent, banker and other professionals to manage your financials as a whole.
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How does ONEF work with clients?


Financial planning process with ONEF is a lasting interactive relationship  rather than an once-off transaction.


  • Initial consultation. It may or may not suit you to use a planner. If not, we provide complimentary and appropriate guidances, education and directions.
  • Know you. We spend sufficient time with you via meetings and calls, to know you, to find facts, and to define your goals and objectives.
  • Planning. With our expertise and resources, we conduct comprehensive and thorough research, analysis and prepare a formal written plan for you.
  • Presentation. We meet you again to go through the details of strategies and solutions we recommend, and to make sure you full understand and are happy with it.
  • Implementation. You authorize us to action on your plan including new applications and transactions, and dealing with third parties, until all is setup per planned.
  • Ongoing management. We continuously monitor and track how things go and update you regularly and answer your questions.
  • Review. We hold formal meetings with you, at least once a year, to discuss performance, changes from you, the markets or laws, and make adjustments properly if needed.

Shaowei Fang

Director,Principal Adviser
About Us

Meet Shaowei Fang 少伟

Shaowei has 10 years of experience in financial planning with major banks and premium firms. He held Senior Financial Planner role with WESTPAC's Premium and Private bank until the bank exited Wealth business in 2019. Shaowei had since then worked for leading advisory firms in Australia, servicing HNW and wholesale clients.

These experiences have not only established a well recognised brand for Shaowei, especially within Chinese investor community, but also proved the vulnerability of large firm's commitments to "clients' best interests". Shaowei decided to leave corporate for independence and strives for changes for the better.

Shaowei's educations and qualifications are beyond industry standards:

-- Active CFP® member with FAAA - Financial Advice Association Australia.

-- Two Master degrees in Laws and Management with Monash University.

-- Diploma of Financial Planning and FASEA examinations.

As a Financial Adviser, Shaowei believes each client is unique and so he listens intently to truly know and understand his client before formulating a strategy or solution that fits.


OneF was established in 2022 by Shaowei Fang, over his profound experiences of ups-and-downs of the industry with big banks and premium broker firm.  Having seen the broken promises of "clients' best interest" with major players, OneF aims for one thing: listen intently, English or Chinese, and cater each client's unique requirements, needs and preferences.

Financial planners charge you a "Fee for service" only. There are no hidden commissions or rebates between the financial planner and any third party. All fees are agreed or negotiated upfront and disclosed fully in formal advice documents and only will be charged on your consent. If there is an ongoing fee, it will need to be renewed and authorized by you.

The service and value you get depends on what you need. For examples, you may need a plan to invest a certain amount of money? or, A review of your superannuation accounts and investment? or, a step by step guide of how to retire in a few years with a comfortable lifestyle? or, a project to save to help your children or grand children's education fees? .... This is just the start.

More importantly, you will have a long term professional relationship with your financial planner: the ongoing management and administration of your plans or strategies; regular updates on the laws and regulations or government rules; frequent update on financial market and investment; regular or ad hoc catch up with your financial planner to discuss changes, ideas or concerns related to your financial affairs. The longer the relationship, the more beneficial to you.

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March 13, 2023



PH Chen
Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 13, 2023

I met Shaowei some years ago when he was an advisor for another organisation. At our initial consultation he took real care to understand my financial situation, and tailored a financial plan to suit my families needs. When I discovered he had founded OneF, it was an easy decision to engage with him again. He proactively keeps me abreast of changes as they affect me, he listens carefully to my perspective and clearly advises accordingly, his integrity and transparency are refreshing in the often complex world of personal investment and tax management.

Sean Stove
Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 13, 2023

专业、认真、细致、到位、一直都以客户的利益为出发点。点 10000 个赞!

Sharon Cui

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